Thermodynamical Behavior of Doped Sm (III) Ions in Saturated Alcoholic Solutions of Amide Group Containing Ligands Derived from Heterocyclic Amines

Author(s): H. S. Bhandari, D. D. Gudesaria, S. Purohit and N. Bhojak

The thermodynamical parameters of Sm (III) ions with a series of amide group containing ligands derived from heterocyclic amines in saturated alcoholic solutions have been studied with respect to hypersensitive transition involved in the system. The spectroscopic data for the hypersensitive transition have been correlated with thermodynamical parameter. T. E. T., for all complexes were found in the range 0.87 x 1017 to 1.02 x 1017 and work function in the range of 2.02 x 1019 to 2.33 x 1019.

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