Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Binary Liquid Mixtures of Sulfolane with some Methyl Alkanoates at T = 308.15 K

Author(s): T. Savitha Jyostna and Noothi Raghuram

Measurement of densities ρ and viscosities η, have been carried out for binary mixtures of sulfolane (SUL) with methyl ethanoate (ME), methyl propionate (MP) and methyl butanoate (MB) and their pure liquids at T = 308.15 K over the entire composition range. From these experimental data, excess molar volumes VE, and deviations in viscosity Δη, of methyl alkanoates with sulfolane have been calculated. These results have been fitted to the Redlich-Kister type polynomial using multiparametric non-linear regression analysis to estimate the binary coefficients and standard errors.

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