Thermodynamic and kinetic analysis on the removal of malachite green dye using activated Pistia Stratiotes leaves

Author(s): S.Arivoli, V.Marimuthu,T.Rose Judith

The research of the presentworkwas to investigate the removal ofMalachiteGreen fromaqueous solution byusing Pistia Stratiotes.Generally, dyes areusedinchemical, textile,paper,printing, leather,plastics and various food industries.The need for the treatment of dye contaminatedwastewater passed out from the industry. In this study, Pistia StratiotesLeaveswas studied for its potential use as an adsorbent for removal ofMalachiteGreen. The various factors affecting adsorption, such as initial dye concentration, contact time, adsorbent dose and effect of temperature,were evalu-ated.The experimental datawere fittedinto the pseudosecond orderkineticmodel.The equilibriumof adsorptionwasmodeledbyusingtheLangmuir andFreundlich isothermmodels. The objective of the present work suggests theAPSNCmay be utilized as a lowcost adsorbent forMalachiteGreen dye removal fromaqueous solution.

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