Thermal Analysis (TGA), Diffraction Thermal Analysis (DTA), Infrared and X-Rays Analysis for Sediment Samples of Toubrouk City (Libya) Coast

Author(s): Hamad M. I. Hasan and M. S. Masoud

Thermal analysis (TGA & DTA), Infrared (I.R) and X-ray measurements for sediment samples collected from near shore locations at Tobrouk city (Libya) coast were used to identification of the chemical structure of sediments. The results showed that all sediments have the similar peaks of TGA and DTA curves are composed mainly one major peaks, the high decomposition was occurred in the temperature range of (700-900oC) with loss weights at the above temperature decomposition ranged between (33.10-38.55%), also the DTA curves show one high peaks ranged between (786.79821.25oC). These peaks mainly attributed to the presence of the calcite CaCO3 and / or magnesium calcite Ma CaCO3. The microscope (X-ray) analysis also give high contents of calcium in all the studied samples in the presence of minor minerals as calcium and magnesium, this is agreement with the TGA & DTA measurement. The I.R. curves of all samples are very similar indicating that the constituents are almost the same, where high broad peaks feature in the range of (1400-1449 cm-1) characteristic for carbonate radical. Also the M-O bands were appeared at the range of (702-715 cm-1).

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