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The universe's temporal development, the hybrid scale factor, and the change from an epoch dominated by matter to one dominated by dark energy

Author(s): Daniel Jacobsen

 The main issue in current physical cosmology is the late temporal crossover from the era of matter dominance (represented by power-law evolution) to the era of dark energy dominance (represented by exponential evolution). It is impossible to arrive at a comprehensive theory of cosmology unless this crucial transition problem is resolved. We provide a novel theory that involves the interaction of dark matter and dark energy through a potential in order to explain this crucial shift. We analytically analyse this model using the FLRW framework to determine the scale factor a. (t). We also compute all cosmic quantities quantitatively. We discover more important outcomes when illuminating the essential transition's physical process. Other cosmological parameters including the dimensionless Hubble parameter h, the deceleration parameter q, the jerk parameter j, and the EoS parameter are also obtained and examined numerically. We demonstrate that every cosmic quantity in this model is supported by consistent empirical findings for the periods when matter and dark energy predominated. As a result, we take into account the Universe's late time crossover phenomenon, propose an interacting dark matter and dark energy model, and demonstrate that this model can account for the Universe's late time crossover phenomenon. Our solutions are also very well in line with both theoretical and observational findings. We conclude by stating that our study makes crucial strides toward resolving a crucial open issue in cosmology and has the potential to establish a paradigm for ongoing research in this area. The model also provides insight into how dark matter and dark energy interact in the universe.

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