The study of compensation effect in reverse Boudouard reaction on graphite in presence of activating additives

Author(s): Pavel Anatolyevich Nikolaychuk, Aleksandr Vasilyevich Kolesnikov

In this study the results of calculation of rate constants for graphite gasification reaction (reverse Boudouard reaction) taking into account heat andmass transfer processes at temperatures of 900-1200°C are presented.The calculation of rate constants ofC+CO2 reactionongraphite inpresenceofcalcium,magnesium, strontium, iron (II) and iron (III) oxides, strontiumcarbonate andmetallic ironwas performed.The graphs of linear dependencies of pre-exponential factor on acti- Original Article ChemXpress 5(3), 078-088, (2014) ISSN(Print) : 2320 –1967 ISSN(Online) : 2320 –1975 vationenergyforcalcium, strontiumandironcompounds were plotted. The isokinetic temperatures for various groups of catalystswere calculated.

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