The Sorbents for Collection of Oil and Petroleum of the Phytogenesis

Author(s): D. A. Baiseitov, M. I. Tulepov, L. R. Sassykova, Sh. E. Gabdrashova, E. Gul’dana, D. A. Zhumabai, K. K. Kudaibergenov and Z. A. Mansurov

It is shown, that compositions polystyrene granulated + carbonizate of a sunflower husk combined the considerable degree of replacement of a synthetic material and at the same time showed also high indicators of oil capacity and return of mineral oil. It is established, that values of oil capacity of carbon-polystyrene foam fibrous sorbents with the content of a rice peel to 35-40% by weight exceed oil capacity of a pure fibre of polystyrene foam. The received carbonic-polystyrene sorbent (21% the rice peel) had good operational characteristics. Absence of the chemical binding and single-stage process provided the ecological cleanliness of technology of production and rather low cost price of sorbents.

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