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The Sensitive Dependence of Complex Systems on Initial Errors and The Discovery of Water on The Moon

Author(s): Alen J Salerian

The Apollo missions and the analysis of the Apollo moon rocks introduced a new paradigm invalidating the pre-Apollo assumption that the moon was arid and an asteroidal origin for water in the Moon was advanced. This study advances the hypotheses that consistent with the butterfly effect and the sensitive dependence of complex systems on initial errors it is likely that the discovery of water on the moon and the subsequent theories born from the Apollo rock samples are flawed .This is because of the less than perfect scientific integrity of both the Apollo missions and the rock samples. For instance, one of the moon rocks given to the Dutch prime minister by Neil Armstrong was later discovered to be made of wood . Equally, unsettling, is the observation that not a single Image from the Apollo missions shows any stars, a physical impossibility. In 2001, the Institute of Medicine report authored by the nations leading experts on space medicine tactfully acknowledged that the medical data from the Apollo missions were less than accurate.The conclusions derived from data associated with the Apollo missions , including the origin of moon water , should be considered scientifically suspect.

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