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The Role of Temperature Gradients in API N80 Pipe Corrosion

Author(s): Bouzid Noureddine, Bebba Ahmed Abdelhafid, Settou Noureddine and Djelloul Abdelkader

This paper presents some investigations on the effect of temperature gradient in API N80 pipe corrosion. It was possible to highlight the existence of temperature gradient on the walls of pipe, variable along the depth of producing water Albian wells and reaches 16°C. The chemical analyses of the water samples of several drillings show that these last are of petrifying nature, charged with sulfates, low content of dissolved carbon dioxide and no oxygen. The XRD analyses of the scale show that it is heterogeneous and primarily consists of siderite (FeCO3), geothite (FeOOH), hematite (Fe2O3), magnetite (Fe3O4) and of calcite (CaCO3). The perforation of the pipes was mainly due to the detached matter with the variations in temperatures along the wells.

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