The latest state-of-the-art on artificial photosynthesis

Author(s): IbramGanesh

Conversion of carbon dioxide into value added chemical fuels (methanol and ethanol) using renewableenergy( sunlightorelectricityderivedfromsunlight) is of great importance fromthe point of viewof addressing theCO2 associated globalwarming, energy crisis (depletionof fossil fuels) andenergystoringproblems toagreat extent.This isprocess ispopularlyknown as artificial photosynthesis.The importance of electrochemical reduction ofCO2 and the underlying reaction mechanisms, and the latest developments in electrochemical CO2 reduction process, and theCO2 speciation are presented and summarized in this article. Further, thismanuscriptdiscusses howthe electrochemical reduction process is superior over stoichiometric, thermochemical, photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic processes as far as artificial photosynthesis is concerned.

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