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The Hydraulic Resonant Camera and Hydraulic Oscillatory Contour when Drilling by Hydro Drummers of Prospecting Wells

Author(s): M. M. Omarovitsh, K. B. Serikovna and T. T. Asanbaevish

Hydro resonant camera is movements or processes, which are characterized by certain repeatability in time are called fluctuations. Oscillatory processes are widespread in the nature and equipment, for example swing of a pendulum of hours, alternating electric current etc. At an oscillating motion of a pendulum the coordinate of its center of masses changes, in case of alternating current tension and current in a chain fluctuate. The physical nature fluctuation can be different therefore distinguish fluctuations mechanical, electromagnetic, etc., however various oscillatory processes are described by identical characteristics and the identical equations. From here expediency of uniform approach to studying fluctuation of various physical natures follows. For example, uniform approach to studying mechanical and electromagnetic fluctuation was applied by the English physicist D. U. Rayleigh (1842- 1919), A. G. Stoletovy, Russian engineer experimenter P. N. Lebedev (1866-1912). Big contribution to theory development fluctuation made L. I. Mandelstam (1879-1944) and his pupils. (T. A. Trofimova., physics course, Moscow edition seventh "Higher school" of 2002).

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