The Electrode Materials on the Basis of Fe2O3 for Obtaining a Chemical Source of a Current

Author(s): A. B. Bayeshov, Z. M. Mussina, U. A. Abduvaliyeva, M. Zh. Zhurynov and V. A. Kolesnikov

In the article, the results of research of electrochemical system on a basis of iron and iron oxide (Fe2O3), which can be used for obtaining of a chemical source of a current (CSC) are reported. Use of the given system does not assume application of expensive and ecologically harmful active substances. Possibility of obtaining of a chemical source of a current with use of galvanic pair of iron and oxide of iron (III) (Fe2O3) is shown. The values of electromotive force (EMF) and of a short-circuit current (SCC) in a chain of the CSC are defined. Electromotive force of a source of a current it is investigated in a water solution of chlorides and iron sulphates, at a room temperature, in absence of external loading. Thus maximum value of EMF was 900-950 mV, SCC - 40-50 mA

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