The efficiency analysis on assistant-grinding of lignosulfonate and its modified composites

Author(s): DuanHui1*,ChenXiaojia2,LiuXiaochun1,GuHuazhi

Themethod of vibration ballmilling is applied in this paper tomake research on contents of lignosulfonateandmodifiedcompositesas cementgrindingaids; andstudiedon the influenceof regularityabout grindingaidson products fluidity, particle size, specific surface area and powder particle size distribution. The studyshowed lignosulfonatehas had better effecton the cementgrindingfunction; the cement’s particle size and the distributionwere improved, the average diameter was decreased, distribution narrowed and ultra-fine grain size increased, of themost importance, the contentsofultra- finegrainsizewereincreasedmuch.Among those, theeffectof calciumlignosulfonatewas relatively goodwhile itsmodified composites performed better.

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