The effect of perturbants on oscillatory behaviour of the hematoxylin- bromate-acid system

Author(s): O¾ga Granèièová*,AnnaOlexová

The effect of surfactants - anionic sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS), cationic cetyl trimethyl ammoniumnitrate (CTAN), nonionicTritonX-100aswell as tetrabutylammoniumion (Bu4N+) andtert-butanol (t- BuOH) on the catalyzed bromate oscillatorwith hematoxylin as substratewas investigated at 30 ± 0.1oC in stirred and nonstirred batch conditions.The changes in the oscillatoryparameters have been ascribed to catalytic effect of charged surface ofmicelles, to the solubilization of hematoxylin and of bromination products in aluthemicelles andto the inhibition ofbromination of aromatic substrate due to the bromine solubilization.The effect of tert-butanol has been discussed in terms of its abilityto act as a radical scavenger. The effect of Bu4N+ has been ascribedmainly to their ability to act as ionpairingreagent.

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