The Effect of Nd Nanoparticles on (Bi, Pb)-2223 Superconducting

Author(s): Abbas MM and Abdulridhaa AR

The prepared Superconducting samples achieved by a conventional solid-state reaction method and methodically deliberate for their superconducting properties. The Nd2O3 nanoparticles concentration x varied from 0.1 wt% to 0.6 wt%. Studying the effect of Nd nanoparticles (50 nm) on the physical properties of superconducting phase. The sightsaw of phase structural characteristics of synthesized thin films samples through powder X-ray diffractometer and reveals that all the samples crystallize in orthorhombic structure. Also, phase examination by XRD indicated that Nd nanoparticles enhanced the (Bi, Pb)-2223 phase formation. The standard DC four-probe method was used to measure the critical transition temperature (Tc) and found to have optimal value at x=0.2 wt%, which had a maximum enhancement in Tc for samples.

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