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The effect of deposition time on the optical, structural and morphological properties of deposited ZnO films by CBD method for solar energy applications

Author(s): Adrian Ohwofosirai, Idehen Fredrick Lucky, F.I.Ezema

Zinc oxide thin films have been deposited on glass substrates at various deposition times (150mins, 160mins and 170mins) by simple Chemical Bath Deposition technique. The structure of the deposited ZnO films was determined by powder X-ray diffraction and it shows several peaks. The film has high transmittance at the visible region. This high transmittance and wide band gap of film suggests its usefulness as host materials in optoelectronics The reflectance of the deposited ZnO increases with deposition time. The optical band gap of deposited films was found to be 2.4eV, 2.55eV and 2.8eV respectively which show decrease of band gap with deposition time. The EDS result revealed that the required phase has both Zn and O present.

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