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The Deviation between the Theoretical and Experimental Activity and Free Energy of Mixing of Binary Liquid Alloys

Author(s): Abodunrin OW*, Olumese NO

The thermodynamic model based on clustering of two atoms is considered with the view to obtain the free energy of mixing (Gm/Rt) and the activity ratios (aA or aB). The thermodynamic properties of these alloys were evaluated based on clustering of two atoms (A and B) or (B and A). The calculated and experimental values of aA or aB and Gm/Rt for Au-Cu and Au-Pb liquid alloys throughout the entire concentration were in perfect agreement except at specific compositions for the activity ratio. The theoretical and empirical activity ratio and free energy of mixing for Au-Zn are in partial agreement. The deviation between the observed and the computed values of thermodynamic properties of all these alloys at all the composition range were noted with fluctuations. The deviation in free energy of mixing of only Au-Cu alloy was recorded with perfection. The values of the thermodynamic quantities and their deviations are presented for Au-Cu, Au-Pb and Au-Zn binary liquid alloys.

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