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The Concept of Ayushya in Ayurveda

Author(s): Chawardol V, and Bidwai V

Life is the primary view point (alternate word may be used) of human for which they started their journey towards the wisdom of healthy life. Ayurveda, the pioneer approach of health science, established the absolute wisdom about life with clear idea about the components of life from base to sky view. The most vital component of life is life promoters which make and protect the building blocks simultaneously. These are administered as substances in form of food or drug and or practices having variable importance towards the objective. The merit regards the best as it can decide the right and wrong and follow the righteousness, thus the behavioral conducts have been placed first among all sorts of means for promotion of life (two separate sentences can be made out of this sentence). The following article is reviewed through Ayurveda classics regarding the view point on life and its promotional approach in day to day basis for the enhancement of quality in terms of health and quantity or span of life.

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