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The Adsorption Performance Research for Several Commercial Materials: The CaSO4 Scaling Removal

Author(s): Ying Wang, Chengtun Qu, Fengchao Wang and Tao Yu

The scaling of oilfield sewage will cause serious damage to production equipment, pipelines and strata. According to heterogeneous nucleation theory, the adsorption material added into the sewage will induce the scaling to grow on its surface, to achieve the purpose of scaling removal. In this paper, the adsorption property of four kinds of filling materials, such as cellucotton, sponge, gauze and retinervus luffae fructus, were detailed studied. It was found that the adsorption effect of cellucotton was the best and its adsorption rate was up to 80%. Moreover, a series of influence factors of cellucotton for the scaling adsorption were also analyzed. The results showed that the adsorption capacity of cellucotton was the largest at experimental temperature of 30°C. When the contact time is 3 days, the u adsorption rate and adsorption capacity of cellucotton are larger. Therefore, the commercial cellucotton can be used as an adsorption material to remove the scaling in the water

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