Tensile, thermal properties & chemical resistance of epoxy/hybrid fibre composites (Glass/Jute) filled with silica powder

Author(s): M.Ashok Kumar, K.Hemachandra Reddy, G.Ramachandra Reddy, Y.Venkata Mohana Reddy, Subbarami Reddy

The effect of dispersion, alkali treatment, resistance to chemicals and influence of silica powder on mechanical, thermal properties of hybrid fibre (i.e. jute/glass) composites were investigated as a function of silica loading. NaOH treatment of jute fibres was found to increase the interface between matrix and hybrid fibres. Thus, tensile strength was improved significantly up to 6 wt % silica content, decreases further increase in silica content beyond 6 wt %. Tensile modulus of hybrid composites was tremendously improved up to 15 wt. % silica content. Author proved hybrid composites are resistant to attack of all chemicals except Toluene. (DSC)&(TGA) were improved significantly the glass transition temperature and thermal stability of the treated hybrid fiber at various silica loadings.

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