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Technology & User - Friendly English Language

Author(s): Jennifer G. Joseph and S. Padma Ragam

It is said Matha, Pitha, Guru & Deivam (God). Matha and Pitha (Parents) take utmost care of their children. Next to parents Guru (teacher) plays an important role to mould them up. A teacher is like a second mother and care taker of a child. He can shape the life of the children by imparting good knowledge. To impart good knowledge, the teacher should have a strong desire to teach and to mould up the students to enrich their knowledge through this noble profession. It is the duty of a teacher to prepare the children to face the competitive world. Since we live in the age of technology and it serves as a source of information, acquisition of knowledge in this generation is as fast as light and we can access it without any hindrances. This paper deals with how the technology has made the world shrink due to the advancement of technology which plays a vital role in the field of education.

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