Synthesis, Spectral and Antimicrobial Activity of Novel Schiff Bases Incorporated with Benzothiazole

Author(s): Devdatta V. Saraf, Seema I. Habib and Prafullkumar A. Kulkarni

Heterocyclic Schiff bases of benzothiazole were prepared by the reaction of compounds such as heterocyclic amine resacetophe none, 2-hydroxy acetophenone, (pyr role 2-aldehyde), (pyridine 2- aldehyde), (2-acetyl thio phene), (salicyldehyde), thiophene 2- aldehyde and 2-am ino, 6-sulfamyl benzothiazole were refluxed. All these newly synthesized compounds were characterized by elemental analysis, spectral data and also sc reened for antimicrobial activity.

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