Synthesis of ZnO nanoroad-like structures using pomegranate juice

Author(s): Peyman Rajaei,Mehdi Ranjbar

In this work, pomegranate juice was used not only as reluctant, but also as capping agent for self- assembly of trifocal nanostructures to form roadlike Nzo microstructures. Pomegranatejuice was appliedasreductantbecauseofthepresenceofanthocy aninmoleculesinits in gredients. Besides pomegranate juices(NO3)2.3H2Owas used as zinc sources for the preparation of road-like ZnO nanostructures. The as-synthesized products were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Energy DispersiveX- rayspectroscopy (EDS), scanning electronmicroscope (SEM).Finally, the efficiency of ZnO nanoparticles as a photocatalyst for the decolorization of methylene blue (MB) using visible light irradiation has been evaluated.

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