Synthesis of Some Novel Quinoline and Pyrazolone Derivatives via Knorr Pyrazole and Quinoline Synthesis and Evaluation of their Antimicrobial Activities

Author(s): V. R. Shah, J. N. Godhasra, M. C. Patel and N. N. Kansagara

Pyrazolones (5a-l) were synthesized by the reaction of -keto ester and hydrazines in the presence of catalytic amount of acetic acid. Formation of 2-quinolones (6a-l) took place from -ketoester and arylamines (3a-l) above 100°C. The intermediate anilide undergoes cyclization by dehydration with concentrated sulfuric acid. All the prepared compounds were characterized by their spectral (IR, NMR, Mass) data and screened for their antimicrobial activity. Reaction of hydrazine or substituted hydrazine with 1, 3-dicarbonyl compounds provided the pyrazolone ring system

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