Synthesis of nb3alga superconductor by induction heating technique at atmospheric pressure

Author(s): A.Camacho, A.Rossi, V.Palmieri

It is well known that A15 superconductors are fabricated bymany differentmethods that require highly specialized systems and/or high costs. Asimplemethod is proposed to synthesizeA15 compounds: Nb3Ga,Nb3AlandNb3AlGa onmetallic niobium samples at atmospheric to be adapted for a future application on Superconducting RF cavities (SRF). The technique is based on electromagnetic (EM) induction heating in anoble gas environment. To verify the technique, the samples annealed were quenchcharacterized by determining their critical temperature, XRD pattern and SEM mapping of the superconducting layer. The results indicate that the ternary compound can bemanufacturedusinga specific heat treatment that produces a direct transformation ofA15 phase fromhigh temperatures with a critical temperature of 18 K, demonstrating its potential application for Superconducting RF cavities.

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