Synthesis of hematite-magnetite nanocomposite by low voltage dc arc method

Author(s): Hassan Karami, Siavash Nouroozi, Elnaz Sorbiyoon

The paper presents a new simple and cheep method to synthesize hematite- magnetite nanocomposite. Lowvoltage dc arc is exerted into the electrochemical cell between two iron tip electrodes in different solvents. The results of this works show that polar solvents such as water and dimethylformamide can be used as suitable media to establish a low voltage dc arc in small distance between two needle electrodes. In the polar solvents, lower dc voltage can make a low current arc between two electrodes with 2 mm distance. The synthesized iron oxide nanomaterials are in hydrated and amorphous form. The synthesized nanomaterial can converted into crystalline iron oxides. The morphology and the composition of the iron oxide samples are characterized by SEMand XRD.

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