Synthesis of collagen/hydroxyapatite composite materials with oriented microstructure induced by the interaction of the flowing mineralised collagen gel with the support

Author(s): Anton Ficai, Madalina Georgiana Albu, Maria Sonmez, Denisa Ficai, Ecaterina Andronescu

This paper presents the synthesis of collagen (COLL)/hydroxyapatite (HA) composite materials with orientedmicrostructure. The specialmicrostructure of the compositematerials is induced by the interaction of the flowingmineralised collagen gel with the support. The special morphology of the samples was pointed out based on the SEMimages. It isworth tomention that the orientation ismaintained even if two layers of COLL/HA is obtained. Most important is that, function of the geometry of the support, irregular bone graftswith orientedmorphology can be obtained. This is important because the other knownmethods do not allowthe synthesis of irregular grafts.Also, thismethod can be well adapted to the synthesis of long bones.

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