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Synthesis of bismuth sulfide three-dimensional architectures using ultrasonic radiation

Author(s): Qingzhi Wu, Heng Yin, Qiang Lin, Shipu Li

Bi2S3 hierarchical architectures (multipodlike- and flower like-structure) were successfully synthesized using thio urea as the sulfur source under ultrasonic radiation. A mixed solent system of glycol and nitric acid aqueous solution was employed for the tunable synthesis of Bi2S3. The results show that Bi2S3 multipod like- and flower like-structure were consisted of nanorods, while the size and phase structure of Bi2S3 nanorods were severely dependent on the volume ratio of the solvent system. Furthermore, a remarkable Raman signal enhancement effect was observed in different architectures, suggesting a novel potential of Bi2S3 in nanosensor devices.

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