Synthesis of 3-(2-Hydroxy-3,4-Benzophenyl-5-methoxy) 5-aryl-1-substituted Pyrazolines

Author(s): S. E. Bhandarkar, S. B. Gholse and A. R. Bijwe

1-(2-Hydroxy-3,4-benzophenyl-5-methoxy)-3-aryl-prop-2-ene-1-one and phenylhydrazine/semicarbazide/thiosemicarbazide/isonicotinic acid hydrazide were added to DMF and refluxed for 2 hours. The cooled reaction mixture was diluted with water and the semisolid so obtained was triturated with ethanol to get a solid, which was recrystallised from ethanol–acetic acid mixture to get titled pyrazolines.b

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