Synthesis of 2-Aryl-3-Cinnamoyl-7, 8-Benzoflavanones and Flavones

Author(s): V. S. Jamode and Shrilekha A. Babrekar

New 2-aryl-3-cinnamoyl-7, 8-benzoflavanones have been synthesised by the action of aromatic aldehydes with 1-(2-hydroxy-3, 4-benzophenyl)-5-phenyl-4-penten-1, 3-diones in ethanol with catalytic amount of pyridine. Also 2-aryl-3-cinnamoyl-7, 8-benzoflavones have been synthesised from 2-aryl-3- cinnamoyl-7, 8-benzoflavanones using a crystal of iodine in DMSO solvent

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