Synthesis, characterization, electrochemical and antibacterial studies of new water soluble cobalt (III) Schiff base complexes derived frommeso-1,2-diphenyl-1,2-ethylenediamine

Author(s): ZeinabMokhtarzadeh, Mahdi Behzad, AliKhaleghian, AbolfazlBezaatpour

A new N2O2 type water soluble Schiff base ligand and three new Cobalt (III) complexes of this ligandwere synthesized andcharacterizedbymeans of 1HNMR, IR andUV-Vis spectroscopies aswell as elemental analyses.Thecomplexeshavegeneral formula [Co(L)(L’)2](PF6)3, inwhichLis theSchiff base ligand and L’s are pyridine (CoL1), Imidazole (CoL2) or Nmethylimidazol (CoL3).The invitroantimicrobial activityof the ligand and the corresponding complexeswas studied against four human pathogenic bacteria. The complexes showedmoderateantibacterialactivityagainst bothGrampositive andGramnegative bacteria. The Antibacterial activityof the complexeswas higher than that of the ligand due to complexation and CoL1 had better antibacterial activitycompared to the others.

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