Synthesis, characterization and thermogravimetric analysis of copolymer resin-II

Author(s): Pawan P.Kalbende, Anil B.Zade

Condensation polymerization of p- Nitrophenol, 4,4’-Methylenedianiline and Formaldehyde catalyzed by 2MHCl has been carried out. The resin compositionwas determined on the basis of elemental analysis. Solution viscositymeasurementwas carried out to ascertain the characteristic functions and constants.The number averagemolecularweightwas determined by conductometric titration in non-aqueousmedium. The structure of newly synthesized copolymer has been elucidated and confirmed on the basis of spectral techniques i.e. UV–Visible, FT-IR and 1H-NMR spectroscopy. Thermal analysis was performed in air atmosphere at the heating rates 100C/ min for studying its thermal degradation behavior and kinetics. Thermal degradation curve has been dis-cussedwithminute details for eachdecompositionstep. Freeman-Carroll, Sharp-Wentworth and Coat- Redfernmethods have been implemented to evaluate the kinetic parameters such as activation energy, order of reaction and frequency factor. The data from Freeman-Carrollmethod has been used to determine various thermodynamic parameters i.e. entropy change (ÄS), free energy change (ÄF) and apparent entropy (S*).Adetailed analysis of thesemethods for the treatment of constant heating ratewith non-isothermal kinetic data is presented.

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