Synthesis, Characterization and Study of Metal Ions Adsorption by Acrylic Polymer

Author(s): R. Singh and R. S. Pal

An ion-exchange terpolymer resin was synthesized from acrylic acid-maleic anhydride-vinyl acetate. The resin was characterized by FTIR. The thermal analysis (TGA) was performed at the heating rate of 20ºC/min in N2 atmosphere. The ion-exchange property of the terpolymer showed a powerful adsorption towards specific metal ions like Cu2+, Fe2+, Ni2+ and Co2+. A batch equilibration method was adopted to study the selectivity of the metal ion between the resin and a solution containing the metal ion. The effect of external stimuli, such as the solution pH, ionic strength, resin quantity, contact time and temperature was investigated.

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