Synthesis, characterization and spectroscopic investigation of novel tetra-(1,4-dithiin)porphyrazine network polymers derived from dithianone monomer

Author(s): H.H.Abdel-Razik, M.Abbo, H.A.Almahy, E.Kenawy

Chloranil through condensation reaction with di (sodiothio)maleonitrile produced heterocyclic dithianone monomer, p-benzoquinonebis[2,3-b; 2‘,3‘-b‘]1,4-dithiin-2,3-dinitrile. The tetranitrile monomer was cyclotetramerised using lithium/pentanol and acetic acid affording the corresponding tetra p-benzoquinone bis[2,3-b; 2‘,3‘-b‘] (1,4- dithiin)porphyrazine)]-based network polymer (2H-Pz). The tetranitril monomer was cyclo-tetramerised using metal salt and quinoline affording the corresponding tetra p-benzoquinonebis[2,3-b; 2‘,3‘-b‘](1,4- dithiin)porphyrazinato-metal II-based network polymers (M-Pz),M= Co, Ni or Cu. Elemental analytical results, IR and NMR spectral data of the prepared molecules are consistent with their assigned formulations. Molecular masses andmetal contents of the synthesized polymers confirm the efficiency of tetramerization polymerization and complexation reactions.

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