Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of Co (II) Ternary Complexes derived from 2-Substituted Benzothiazole and Amino Acids Ligands

Author(s): Narendra Pal, Ravi Kumar Tiwari, Suman Verma and Gita Seth

The synthesis and biological activity of ternary complexes of Co (II) of the composition [CoCl (L-L) (A-A) (H2O)] and [Co(L-L´) (A-A´) (H2O)2], where A-A = glycine (Gly), alanine (Ala), L-L = 2- (2´-aminophenyl) benzothiazole (APBT) and L-L´ = 2-(2´-hydroxyphenyl) benzothiazole (HPBT), 2-(2´- mercaptophenyl) benzothiazole (MPBT) are reported here. All the complexes have been characterized by elemental analysis, molecular weight determination, conductivity, magnetic measurements, infrared, electronic spectra and TGA studies. All the complexes are thermally stable and behave as non-electrolyte. An octahedral structure has been proposed for these complexes tentatively. The ligands and their metal complexes were tested against pathogenic fungi Aspergillus niger and Fusarium oxysporum to assess their fungicidal properties The antifungal activity data reveal that these metal complexes are more fungitoxic than the parent ligands.

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