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Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Nano-Sized Barium Chromate for Degradation of Erythrosine B

Author(s): Rakshit Ameta and Dinesh I. Prajapati

In the present investigation, photocatalytic degradation of Erythrosine B dye has been studied using nano-sized semiconducting barium chromate powder. The semiconductor was prepared by precipitation method and it was characterized by different analytical techniques like XRD, SEM-EDS and FT-IR. Barium chromate absorbs major portion of visible light due to its yellow color and acts as an efficient photocatalyst. The effects of various operating parameters like pH, concentration of dye, amount of semiconductor and light intensity on the rate of dye degradation have been observed. Physico-chemical parameters of the dye (before and after) have also been reported to show the degradation of dye molecules in the aqueous solution.

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