Synthesis, Characterization and Anti-Microbial Screening of Novel Thiazolidino-Fused CompoundsÏ

Author(s): N. Siva subramanian, G. Omprakash, Y. Anjaneyulu, V. R. M. Gupta and M. Ramadevi

4-Thiazolidinones (III a-e), which are hetarylsubstituted at the 2-position were prepared by the reaction of mercaptoacetic acid with aldimines (II a-e) which were prepared by the condensation of 2- amino benzothiazole (I) with different substituted aryl aldehyde. After their benzylidene derivatives (IV a-e) were obtained, We synthesized pyrazolinothiazolidine (V a-e) by using phenyl hydrazine in the presence of sodium acetate. All mentioned compounds have been characterized by spectral data and screened for their antimicrobial activity. Some of them exhibit appreciable activity with known standard drugs at same concentration.

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