Synthesis, Characterization and Anti-microbial Screening of Novel Heterocyclic Systems containing Bridgehead Nitrogen Atom

Author(s): G. Om Prakash, Y. Anjaneyulu, N. Siva Subramanian, M. Ramadevi and G. Vijayala

The facile synthesis of 3-substituted-2-phenyl-benzimidazo[2, 1b] pyrazolo [3,4 d] [1, 3] thiazole (4a-j) has been achieved by the reaction of 2-mercapto benzimidazole with chloroacetic acid. It affords benzimidazol-2-thio acetic acid (1), which on cyclization with a mixture of acetic anhydride and pyridine furnishes thiazolo (3, 2-a) benzimidazol-3 (2H)-one (2), (2) on condensation with different aryl aldehydes furnishes arylidine thiazolidinone (3a-j) followed by treatment with phenyl hydrazine in the presence of sodium acetate affords (4a-j). All the synthesized compounds have been supported by spectral analysis. The antimicrobial activity of synthesized compounds has also been evaluated.

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