Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Oxovanadium (IV), Mn (II), Fe (II), Fe (III), Cr (III), Co (I), Ni (0) and Hg (II) Complexes with N-Ethoxycarbonyl 4-Chlorobenzene Thiocarboxamide

Author(s): Abishesh Kumar Mishra, R. N. Singh, A. K. Chaturvedi and K. K. Singh

In this paper, we have reported the synthesis of some complexes of N-Ethoxycarbonyl 4- Chlorobenzene Thiocarboxamide (MNH) with VO (IV), Mn (II), Fe (II), Fe (III), Cr (III), Co(I), Ni(O) and Hg (II). These complexes have been character ized by analytical magnetic. Thermogravimetric and spectral (IR, UV and visible) studies and their structures are proposed.

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