Synthesis and Spectral Studies of Ni (II) Complex of Schiff Base Derived from p-Dimethylamino Benzaldehyde and o-Aminobenzoic Acid

Author(s): Devendra Kumar Singh, Raman Kumar and Mithlesh Kumar Singh

The solid complex of Ni (II) with tetradentate schiff base (PDMBA) derived from pdimethylaminobenzaldehyde and o-aminobenzoic acid have been synthesized and characterized by molar conductivity, elemental analysis, IR, 1H NMR, magnetic susceptibility, electronic spectra and X-ray diffraction spectra. From the analytical and spectral data, the stoichiometry of the complex has been found to be 1 : 1 (metal : ligand). The metal chelates have a general formula [Ni (PDMBA) H2O]. IR spectral data suggest that the lignad PDMBA behave as monobasic tetradentate lignad with N : N : O : O – donor sequence towards metal ions. Magnetic susceptibility measurement indicates paramagnetic behaviour of complex.

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