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Synthesis and Spectral Studies of Cu (II) and Ni (II) Complexes with Schiff Base Ligand 1,6-Dimercapto-1,6-Diamino-2,4,5-Triaza-3-Phenyl-3-Hexene

Author(s): Mrinal Chandra and H. C. Rai

Complexes of 1,6-dimercapto-1,6-diamino-2,4,5-triaza-3-phenyl-3-hexene (MAAPHE) with bivalent metal ion of composition [ML2JX2 M= Co (II) and Ni (II), X-C1, Br, NO3 have been synthesized and characterized using physico-chemical and spectroscopic data. The ligands were found to be neutral tridentate chelating ligand for the metal ions and the complexes are found to be octahedral in geometry.

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