Synthesis and Physico-Chemical Studies of Newly Formed Ternary Complexes of Inner Transition Metlas with a Benzimidazole Derivative and Cytosine

Author(s): Sarika Verma, Sarita Shrivastva and Rashmi Shrivastva

Few complexes of inner transition metals have been synthesized by reacting their metal salts with a benzimidazole derivative, omeprazole (5-methoxy-2-{{(4-Methoxy-3,5-dimethy-1-pyridiny) methyl} sulfinyI}-IH-benzimidazole) and cytosine. All the complexes were synthesized in ethanolic medium and refluxed in reaction medium. The interaction of Inner transition metals (Th, Ce, Nd, Gd) with Omeprazole, in presence of cytosine has been investigated potentiometrically at two different temperatures 26 ± 1oC and 36 ± 1oC and at 0.1 M (KNO3) ionic strength. The stability constants of ternary complexes indicates the stability order as Th < Nd < Ce < Gd. Log K values obtained are positive and suggest greater stabilization of ternary complexes. The calculated values of thermodynamic parameters indicate that the interactions are enthalpy characterized. The complexes are characterized through elemental analyses, conductance measurements, spectroscopy (FT IR, Mass, 1H NMR and U.V). An IR spectrum indicates that the ligands behave as bidentate ligands. The metal complexes have been screened for their antifungal activity towards aspergillus niger fungi.

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