Synthesis and Microbial Activity of Transition Metal Complexes of p-Dimethylaminobenzylidine Rhodanine

Author(s): Varsha Kshirsagar, Sandhya Gandhe and Mangla Dave Gautam

p-Dimethylaminobenzylidine rhodanine has been known as sensitive spectrophotometric reagent for the determination of traces of copper, silver and gold. Synthesised rhodanine with aryl/benzyl group at 5-position have been studied and found to be exhibit fungitoxic and bacteristatic activity. It is found that some drugs have increased activity, when administered as metal complexes. Antimicrobial activity of pdimethylaminobenzylidine rhodanine and its metal complexes in dimethylformamide was studied. Dilution method was used to determine minimum inhibitory concentration based on dilution series 400 µg/mL, 200 µg/mL, 100 µg/mL, 50 µg/mL, 25 µg/mL, 12.5 µg/mL.

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