Synthesis and Gravity Driven Sedimentation Study on ZnS-Gear Lubricant Oil Nanofluids for Gear Lubricant Applications

Author(s): J. Sunil, R. Maheswaran, P. Bavick and K. Dinesh

Nanofluid is a kind of new engineering fluid consisting of solid nanoparticles with sizes typically of 1-100 nm homogeneously dispersed in base fluids. In this study, spherical shaped zinc sulphide (ZnS) nanoparticles are prepared by chemical precipitation method. The synthesised nanoparticles are ultrasonically suspended in gear lubricant oil and its suspension stability is evaluated by gravity driven sedimentation test for different gear lubricant applications. Further, the effect of molecular interaction and separation distance of dispersed additives on the sedimentation velocity is discussed through Lennard- Jones potential equation.

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