Synthesis and Characterization of the Y1.5Ca0.5Bi2Ba3O 9-y Crystal

Author(s): G. Saravanan, K. Mohanraj, V. Anbarasu and K. Jayabalan

In the present investigation, synthesis and characterization of the Y1.5Ca0.5Bi2Ba3O9-y compound has been reported. This compound is synthesized by solid state reaction technique. Crystallizing nature and surface morphology of the compounds are investigated by Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) image and X-ray analysis. Crystallizing and melting temperature of the Y1.5Ca0.5Bi2Ba3O9-y compound is studied by thermal analysis and band gap was also analyzed by DRS. Single phase formation of the compound Y1.5Ca0.5Bi2Ba3O9-y is also confirmed by XRD analysis. Result of the investigation show that the newer compound, Y1.5Ca0.5Bi2Ba3O9-y, behaves as a semiconductor at room temperature.

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