Synthesis and Characterization of some Ternary Complexes of Zn (II) & Cd (II) and their Antimicrobial Activity

Author(s): K. P. Patel

Some new ternary complexes of Zn (II) and Cd (II) with 8-hydroxyquinoline as primary and glycine, lysine & alanine as secondary ligands have been synthesised and their structural features have been arrived from their micro-analytical, IR and EPR spectral data. The electrolytic behavior of the chelates was assessed from their molar conductance data. Analytical data suggested 1 : 1 : 1 stochiometric composition for the isolated ternary complexes. IR spectra confirm that the primary and secondary ligands are coordinated through O/N donor atoms. The magnetic susceptibility and electronic absorption spectra of all the complexes indicate an octahedral geometry around the central metal ion. Antimicrobial activity of the complexes have also been studied. It has been found that all the complexes have higher antimicrobial activity than the free ligand and the standard.

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