Synthesis and Characterization of some New Azetidinone, Thiazolidinone and Imidazolodinone Derivatives from 2-Aminopyridine

Author(s): Ezzat H. Zimam

This research involves the synthesis of some new azetidinone, thiazolidinone and imidazolidinone derivatives. Firstly 2-aminpyridine was converted to thiazolo[4,5-b]pyridin-2-amine (A) by reacting it with ammonium thiocyanate in presence of glacial acetic acid. Then, compound (B) was prepared from the reaction of (A) with p-acetamido benzenesulphonyl chloride in basic medium. Hydrolysis of compound (B) in glacial acetic acid gives compound (C). Schiff bases (1-5) were prepared by reaction of (C) with aromatic aldehydes. Azetidinone derivatives (6-10) were synthesized from reaction Schiff bases with chloroacetic acid in presence of TEA. Thiazolidinone derivatives (11-15) and (16-20) were prepared from reaction of Schiff bases with thioglycollic acid and thiomalic acid, respectively. Finally, imidazolidinone derivatives (21-25) and (26-30) were synthesized from reaction glycine and alanine with Schiff bases. The synthesized compounds have been confirmed by their melting points, and characterized by C.H.N. analysis, FT-IR and 1H-MNR spectroscopy.

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