Synthesis and characterization of nitrokonjac glucomannan

Author(s): Zhengguang Zhang, Xuegang Luo , Xiaoyan Lin

Using Konjac glucomannan, which is abundant and renewable in nature as the rawmaterial, Nitrokonjac glucomannan(NKGM)was synthesized in the systemwhichwasmixed with fuming nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid and phosphoric anhydride. NKGM is water resistant, but it can dissolve in organic solvent such as acetone. The nitrogen content, structure and properties ofNKGMwere measured and characterized by elementary analysis, FTIR, SEM,X-rayDiffraction and TG-DSC. The results indicated : the nitrogen content of NKGM could reach 13.59% due to the presence of -ONO2; a loose network structure was formed in NKGM and it had a higher degree of crystallinity compared to originalKGM; NKGMdecomposed at the temperature of 161 and it had a big exothermic peak; NKGM had the properties of energetic material.

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