Synthesis and Characterization of New Heterobimetallic [Ca (II)-Ti (IV)]-Μ-Oxoisopropoxide and its β-Diketonates

Author(s): Jai Devi and Rajesh Kumar

Thermal condensation of calcium acetate and titani um (IV) isopropoxide resulting the synthesis of new heterobimetallic [Ca (II)-Ti (IV)]- μ -oxoisopropoxide. The characterization and structural elucidation of μ -oxo compound was made by liberated isopr opanol estimation, elemental, spectral (IR, 1 H , 13 C, NMR and mass), thermal analysis, molecular weight data. Many isopropoxy su bstitution reactions of [Ca (II)-Ti (IV)]- μ -oxoisopropoxide compound with β -diketones in different molar ratios (1 : 1-1 : 4) yielded the mono to tetra derivatives [{CaO 2 Ti 2 (OPr i ) 6-n L n } (where n is 1-4 and L = acetylacetonate/benzoylacetonate anion)], respectively of the parent compound and have been characterized by elemental, liberated isopropanol and spectral analysis (IR, 1 H, 13 C NMR). The above studies rev ealed interesting facets in support of plausible structures of parent compound and its β -diketonates.

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