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Synthesis and characterization of nano crystalline porous silicon layer for solar cells applications

Author(s): Nadir F.Habubi1*, Raid A.Ismail2, Ahmed N.Abd

Porous silicon (PS) layers were fabricated on P-type crystalline silicon (c- Si)wafers of (100) orientations using electrochemical etching (ECE) process at a different etching time (7, 15min), current density of 7mA/cm2, and fixed electrolyte solutionHF:C2H5OH (1:1).Nanoporeswith an average diameter of (19.47, 22.70nm)were formed in the p-PS (100) layer.The lowest effective reflectance was obtained with the p-PS/CdSe layer that exhibited excellent light-trapping atwavelengths ranging from400 to 1000 nm. Solar cellswere fabricated based on the PS anti-reflection coating (CdSe) layers. The currentvoltage characteristics of the solar cells were examined under 127W/cm2 illumination, A highly efficient (3.5%,6%) for ps in (7, 15min) then The objective of the present study was to fabricate highly efficient solar cell (6%, 12.25%) respectively usingAl/c-Si/ p-PS /CdSe/Al.

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